Courts Jamaica Ltd.

A 94,000 sq ft warehouse located at Twickenham Drive , off Spanish Town Road in the vicinity of Majesty Pen. This large warehouse with a 200feet external loading dock that can take up to 16 containers along with an internal loading dock with shutters, took eight months to build. This prestigious building is used as a central storage facility and is our largest Kirby structure to date.

Plastic Containers Ltd.

Two 7,500 sqft Warehouses and one 9000sqft warehouse located on East Ashenheim Road , Kingston 11. Two of these buildings serve as storage facilities and the third 9000 sqft building, which was recently completed, will be used as a manufacturing facility. There are 17 foot transition buildings connecting the main Kirby structures which are used for additional storage and the housing of ancillary equipment.

Stationery & Office Supplies Ltd.

A 5,000sqft warehouse/Office structure, located on Beechwood Avenue, Kingston 5. This building incorporated a 3,000sqft mezzanine floor construction with a steel frame structure, covered with a 3 inch concrete slab. This allows the ground floor to be used for office, display and sales space and the second level to be used for storage. We have completed a second identical building for this company, to be used for storage.
Our Projects

Slab Preparation, Laying, Float finishing