Courts Jamaica Ltd.

A 94,000 sq ft warehouse located at Twickenham Drive , off Spanish Town Road in the vicinity of Majesty Pen. This large warehouse with a 200feet external loading dock that can take up to 16 containers along with an internal loading dock with shutters, took eight months to build. This prestigious building is used as a central storage facility and is our largest Kirby structure to date.

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Click to enlargeNewline Motors

A 4,000sqft building used as a car parts showroom and sales office in Manderville. As can be seen this warehouse is different in design with the front wall utilising large areas of glass. This warehouse is connected to the original structure with a transition building, facilitating access between the two.

Plastic Containers Ltd.

Two 7,500 sqft Warehouses and one 9000sqft warehouse located on East Ashenheim Road , Kingston 11. Two of these buildings serve as storage facilities and the third 9000 sqft building, which was recently completed, will be used as a manufacturing facility. There are 17 foot transition buildings connecting the main Kirby structures which are used for additional storage and the housing of ancillary equipment.

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Stationery & Office Supplies Ltd.

A 5,000sqft warehouse/Office structure, located on Beechwood Avenue, Kingston 5. This building incorporated a 3,000sqft mezzanine floor construction with a steel frame structure, covered with a 3 inch concrete slab. This allows the ground floor to be used for office, display and sales space and the second level to be used for storage. We have completed a second identical building for this company, to be used for storage.

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A 17,800sqft structure, located on Newport Boulevard, Newport West, Kingston 11.

Click to enlargeLabels Jamaica Ltd.

A smaller warehouse structure, located on North Avenue, Kingston 4. Built in two stages while the client was still occupying his original old dwelling house business. This structure had a full mezzanine floor and block and steel walls all round to a height of 10ft.

Click to enlargeLascelles Merchandise Ltd.

A 13,700sqft structure, located on 2nd Street, Newport West, Kingston 11. Here we undertook the entire project planning, warehouse, office, out buildings and perimeter wall building, racking supply and erection.

Click to enlargeArosa Meats, Ocho Rios

A 7,500 sqft building that is being used as a wine storage facility and will eventually incorporate a cold room .

Click to enlargeIndustrial Sales Ltd., West Kingston

Industrial Sales Ltd, one of the companies in the Seprod group of companies. Located along Marcus Garvey Drive, Newport West, Kingston

Here we built a 5000sqft Kirby warehouse, utilising an existing slabbed area, previously used for open air storage. We excavated under the slab for all the main frame column footings and built a five foot wall all around the building, with sheeting above. This project involved alterations to other existing buildings and storm water drainage. This building incorporated a full width twenty foot deep, fifteen foot high canopy over their existing loading dock.

J. Wray & Nephew Ltd.
Head Office and Production Facility, 234, Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11.

  • Production Control Office renovation and alteration
  • Quality Control Office Complex building
  • Quality Assurance Office Complex Building
  • Wines and Liquors New Office Complex
  • Wines and Liquors Laboratory Installation
  • Head Office Accounts Office Renovation
  • Customer Service and Goods Delivery/Retail Store re-building
  • Erection of Steel, Sugar and Ingredient Mixing platform, for the new Winery


Lascelles Merchandise Ltd.
Located on 2nd Street, Newport West, Kingston 11.

  • The building of a Security wall
  • The building of a Pharmaceutical Storage facility within their existing warehouse, which complied with all Government Regulations
  • The re-planning of their entire warehouse area, installing racking systems that maximised the existing space. Bringing in new Fork Lift Equipment and installing wire guided systems.
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Kingston Hub Ltd.
Located on Retirement Crescent, Kingston 5

  • The complete re-building of their warehousing facility
  • The fitting out of their new office suite within the building
  • The fabrication of an Entrance Gate to allow their trucks to access the rear of the premises
  • The building of an additional office area at the rear of the building, as well as the re-furbishing of a vehicle maintenance workshop.

Click to enlargeTropical Battery Ltd.
Located at the top of Grove Road, Kingston 10.

  • The building of an Air Conditioned Product Showroom and Store
  • The relocation of various offices within the complex
  • The streamlining of their Battery and Tyre Storage facilities

Centennial Digital Jamaica Ltd.
Head Office located on Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston.

  • The renovation of their warehouse in Newport West
  • The complete rebuilding of the Offices for this warehouse complex
  • The fitting out of their Flagship Store on Knutsford Boulevard
  • The fitting out of their Stores in Portmore, Manor Park, Mandeville
Adventure Cove Villas
Located in Boscobel, St Mary

Here we took an old four villa complex, changed all the roofs, bathrooms and kitchens, completely renovating all villas and back of house buildings, in conjunction with an Interior Designer.

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Adventure Cove Villas before renovation
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Adventure Cove Villas after renovation

Click to enlargeCatherine’s Peak Spring Water Ltd.

Nestled in the Blue Mountains just before Newcastle is the Catherine's Peak Spring water bottling plant. This company was expanded by a fairly large extension built by Bruce English & Associates.

H.D. Hopwood
Located on Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11.

We will have laid 45,000sqft of floor slab for this storage facility, when completed.

TVJ Studio (Television Jamaica)
Located on Beechwood Avenue , Kingston 5

We laid a 5000sqft floor slab for their new film studio, a critical factor being absolute smoothness.

Rapid Sheffield
Located in Montego Bay

An 8000sqft slab was laid in this new storage facility.

For an example and pictures of a slab being laid in a warehouse being built by Bruce English & Associates see the pictures of Plastic Containers Ltd. on the home page.
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